At Restaurant Can Segura we continue to offer a daily menu, which you will find every day of the week.

We don’t know exactly why, but the daily menu is something that is being missed, we don’t know if it’s just a fad or if it will come to stay.

Whatever it is, at Can Segura Restaurant we don’t share it, we don’t understand fashion and the daily menu represents us.

For us, the menu from Monday to Friday, denotes simplicity and proximity to the village, and is that Sant Feliu de Guíxols is a magical place, ideal to live.

That is why, although the Can Segura Restaurant is part of a hotel, in addition to serving the people who come to visit the Costa Brava, we want to be very close to the town and to all those who form it. part.

In the Daily Menu of the Can Segura Restaurant you will find a wide variety of dishes to satisfy everyone who comes, if you want meat, fish, rice… whatever it is and is that the daily menu is designed for everyone.

We can’t tell you the menu, we can’t put a picture because the dishes can vary from day to day. Depending on what we find on the market, there will be a Rap or a Sea bream on that day. In this way, we make sure that we offer the best product.

Don’t worry, I’m sure what you choose will be the best.