In the Menu of the Restaurant Can Segura Hotel you will find everything, maybe this makes it harder for you to decide what you want to choose, but this way we make sure that everyone who comes can find that dish that suits you especially of taste.

It is a very complete menu, where you can find all kinds of starters: cold as carpaccios (one of our specialties), salads or appetizers; or hot as the soups of the Restaurant Can Segura, which are very popular in winter.

As a main course, you can choose meat, fish, seafood or, if you prefer, you will always have the vegetarian or vegan option. Our menu also includes those dishes that are on our menu of specialties such as rice and paellas, they are irresistible.

To finish the meal, you will have at your disposal a list of sweets such as cheesecake… and also the most classic, la “crema catalana”, the musician, honey and cottage cheese, orange juice, ice cream, among many others. Candy lovers will continue to enjoy the desserts.

We do not show the menu of the Restaurant Can Segura Hotel, as it is constantly changing, depending on the time or what is on the market that day.

Any questions you want to ask us, contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

If you want to come one day on weekdays you can also look at the daily menu. On the other hand, if you plan to come over the weekend, take a look at the weekend menu we have prepared.