This is our story, which began on December 18, 1960. It is said fast, 61 laps in the Sun are many experiences to tell. The sixties: under a dictatorship. on the Costa Brava exploded a tourism of sun and beach, 600, guateques… At breakneck speed we became “The Mediterranean Paradise”.

At that time my grandparents embarked on a journey (if it were a voyage across the sea, we would say sailing in a rowboat). They opened a tavern called “La Masia”. My grandfather, Pere Segura Buixader, and my grandmother, Cinta Sayols Serra. He, Waiter Waiter; she, with a love and delicacy that made everything that came out of her kitchen exquisite for the palate of her diners, making her humble and hardworking.

A simple local cuisine, with everything that gives us this fabulous sea of ​​our land: salted anchovies at home, grilled potera squid, “carajos with tomato”… Served with vermouth, olives and a good bread with tomato.

My grandmother always told me that she didn’t understand anything the “foresters” called her, but looking at their faces she was already satisfied.

This way, little by little, from tavern they became a pension, called “Can Segura” (of course!).

The years passed and the time for relief came. The grandparents already had to rest.

This llagut was on its way to being a sailboat “stern wind to full sail.” My father, Jordi Segura Suyols, raised between stoves, the bar and boxes of Caca-cola, and my mother, Consol Pèrez Moreno, both working together from sun to sun, and making their nest in a small room of the pension. Born entrepreneurs and very fighters.

They made it grow with talent and perseverance, following the same path as the bunches, and for what we have always been committed to: simplicity, close-knit home cooking and lots and lots of love. The sailboat gradually became a longline boat that continues to sail very hard against wind and tide, with beautiful sunsets and spectacular sunrises.

And here I am, following the pure essence of the beginning of that journey, remembering those who are there and those who are no longer there, retracing their steps with love and courage and following the legacy that touches me. Three generations Safe.

And also thanks to you for being part of this essence, because with your trust you have brought us here.

Our doors will remain open for many more years, improving every day together with all our equipment (without them it could not be possible) as a small Family Restaurant Hotel with local cuisine, homemade and some rice… mmm… Taking care of every detail and doing you feel at home.

Because the journey is not over yet !!! We will wait for you!!